(2009) AudioScans - Marc BATTIER

MAAT and Roberto Matta Foundation are proud to present AudioScans.

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From works of Roberto Matta
Music by Marc Battier
Nine electroacoustic music works composed by Marc Battier from ninepaintings by Roberto Matta (1911-2002). A CD encased in a 30 pages booklet
Preface by Jean-Yves Bosseur
Nine original poems by Zeno Bianu
Liner notes by Michael Pope
Audioscan's user Manual by Marc Battier
Project Genesis by Marc Battier

Quotations from the booklet:
"From the shock of the initial look at the paintings, there is a chainin which actions and reactions follow each other in a continuous andlogical fashion, until the musical work appears" Jean-Yves Bosseur
"Tu laisses la nuit t'envahir / tu entends tinter / ces fleurs / de rêve" Zeno Bianu
"In this work, the eye hears what the ear sees. This a catalog for the ear" Michael Pope
"It is music of the sky. It is a music of time, but a time going adifferent speed than that of the Earth, different from clock" Robert Matta
To repeat Matta's words when he first heard this music: 'this is how I imagined my painting would sound'.


Pistes :

1.    Tu Laisses La Nuit T'Envahir (4:28)
2.    D99/14 (10:18)   
3.    Invasion Of The Night (9:02)   
4.    Winds (2:42)
5.    Untitled 1938 (3:44)
6.    D99/3 (6:07) 
7.    Mercury Rimbaud (4:19)  
8.    The Earth Is A Man (14:11)  
9.    Audioscan (6:02)

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